Week 3: Brew Day

Let’s Make Some Beer

With the kind support of Briess Malt and Ingredients Co., and our friends at Wheel and Sprocket (we’ll tell you that story over a beer, someday) we had two full grain orders delivered to Milwaukee in time for brew day. Participants met at Company Brewing in the early afternoon to mill all of the grain for both recipes and began the cleaning process ahead of brew day. Once all of the ingredients were milled and ready, we mashed in at approximately 5:00pm. With each team and recipe in order, the participants hauled grain, transferred wort, asked questions, added hops and pitched yeast.
Robert and Blaze were kind enough to guide Team Ale House and Team Company was led by graceful tutelage of George and Roscoe. As you can imagine, there were lots of inquiring visits from patrons of both breweries eager to get a look at what was going on so late at night in the brew house. After some hard work, some great questions and some waiting, the teams went home, late at night after a long day, as the yeast got started on both batches, making the magic happen.

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