Weeks 7+8: Packaging and Sales

Weeks seven and eight were designed as flex weeks. One would be a lesson on how beer is kegged in a commercial facility. The other would be a week off where Barley to Barrel participants would be asked to get out into the market and sell the beer!
Each team met at their respective brewery for a quick lesson in kegging. While it is not entirely different from kegging your homebrew, it’s important to see how it is done in a small brewery setting. Team Company met after work and kegged a few Rickety Elevators and Team Ale House met in the cooler beneath the brewery to learn to keg in the cold. Team Ale House also had the fortunate opportunity to meet Kyle Vetter, one of the co-founders of The Crafter Space. Kyle was in from Colorado and lent his insight on the kegging process from his time at Aspen Brewing Co. and SKA Brewing.
IMG_4958  IMG_4965
Afterward, each team spent some time discussing their sales pitch and strategy. Each team member selected a few spots to hit and so far they have been remarkably successful. Our beers will be on tap at some of the great Milwaukee Bastions of Beerdom, but not just in Milwaukee. The surrounding areas have been very interested in the beer as well. You won’t need to travel far from home to try Rickety Elevator or Blazing Trail!

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