Month: July 2016

Week 10: Beer Release Party

For week 10, our release party packed the house at Company Brewing with over 150 attendees. Each attendee was given two beer tickets, so they could try each beer and one voting ticket. Once everyone had arrived, each Barley to Barrel participant had the opportunity to share the story of their brewery and pitch the…

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Week 9: Fundraising and Investment

The final class session of the Barley to Barrel program was focused on Funding and Investing. A brewery is an expensive proposition and we wanted to demonstrate that there are many funding options. To open the class, we were joined, via videoconference, by Mike Schroeder and Zach Nichols of Sanitas Brewing Co., both located in…

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Weeks 7+8: Packaging and Sales

Weeks seven and eight were designed as flex weeks. One would be a lesson on how beer is kegged in a commercial facility. The other would be a week off where Barley to Barrel participants would be asked to get out into the market and sell the beer! Each team met at their respective brewery…

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