Month: March 2016

Week 6: Sales and Distribution

Coffee (Stouts) are For Closers Once we had covered the marketing and trademarking conversation, it was time to move onto sales and distribution. Yes, most small breweries will want to sell their product over their own taproom bar for quite a while, but it is valuable to look ahead at the future. Will you sell kegs…

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Week 5: Marketing

In a time of evermore brands and beers on the shelves, it has become vital to stand out. Whether that be visually, or through a great brand story, or even both. Mark Fairbanks of Translator was kind enough to share the story of how his team re-branded Milwaukee Brewing Company from the Louie’s Demise of…

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Week 4: Building a Brewery

Field Trip What kind of brew house should I order? And how do I find it? These are very important questions for an aspiring brewery owner to answer. Fortunately for our participants, we have suppliers from all corners of the brewing industry in Wisconsin. During the week four session, we hopped on a bus and…

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Week 3: Brew Day

Let’s Make Some Beer With the kind support of Briess Malt and Ingredients Co., and our friends at Wheel and Sprocket (we’ll tell you that story over a beer, someday) we had two full grain orders delivered to Milwaukee in time for brew day. Participants met at Company Brewing in the early afternoon to mill…

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Week 2: Style & Recipe Planning

A Recipe for Sucsess Week two was dedicated to innovative beers and recipe design. Russ Klisch led the presentation on the innovative beers that have come out of Lakefront Brewery. He touched on the story behind their first, and ahead of it’s time, gluten free beer “New Grist”, the inspiration and sourcing of a beer made…

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